Handy Innovations Foundation - Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Handy Innovations Foundation (HI Foundation) is a non-profit organization that provides vocational and educational training to vulnerable young adults and women. Our organization aims to provide employment and self-sustaining opportunities to young adults residing in disadvantaged societies. Not only does our management team possess a strong background in community services and social work (both locally and internationally), our founder has also demonstrated this through involvement in rural projects, which has directly affected over 1,000 persons.

The mission of Handy Innovations Foundation is to offer individuals from disadvantaged homes an opportunity to change their lives by equipping them with vocational skills, empowerment and employability programs, and academic scholarships. HI Foundation’s edge however lies in the fact that we also provide post-training benefits. These benefits include access to business advisory services, finance and investment opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring opportunities with experts. We believe that this offers us a competitive edge over similar organizations. 

HI Foundation aims to provide technical, financial, and promotional support for disadvantaged individuals. In line with the Constitution of the Federal Government of Nigeria, we are set to create an enabling environment for change makers to excel in their dreams in the areas of value reorientation, wealth creation, job creation, employment generation and poverty reduction. We want to create a society of individuals of wealth and job creators, which in turn will have a direct impact on reducing poverty in disadvantaged societies.


As a body which advocates for the SDGs, we also work to infuse these SDGs into our development plans and policies, while also working closely with local and international organizations who share our visions.


HI Foundation plans on accomplishing these goals by creating a free institution of learning for disadvantaged youths and women. This institution will focus on equipping these individuals in these key vocational areas, which are:

Handy Innovations Foundation - Cosmetology Training


Handy Innovations Foundation - Cinematography Training


Handy Innovations Foundation - Fashion Designing Training

Fashion Designing

Handy Innovations Foundation - Hairdressing

Hair-dressing and Barbing

Handy Innovations Foundation - Fabric Designing - Tie and Dye

Fabric Designing - Tie and Dye

Handy Innovations Foundation - Shoe and bag crafting

Shoe and Bag Crafting

Handy Innovations Foundation - Make-up Artistry

Make-up Artistry

Bakery and Confectionary

HI Foundation plans to finance these operations through private and public donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government bodies.


HI Foundation has demonstrated itself as a reputable social organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and welfare of societies. The founder and team members have also had real and important experience in the field of volunteering and social welfare, a factor which will prove very helpful as we begin our operations.

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